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A rendering of the SSB 29 LIMITLESS CRUISER
A rendering of the SSB 29 LIMITLESS CRUISER

We’re Shaking Things Up with Sorensen Boats

Sorensen SeaBoats – SSB for short – is not just another boat brand in a crowded field.

Every detail of our boats is laser-focused on being completely at home on the open ocean: ride and handling, dryness, seaworthiness, comfort, safety, situational awareness, functionality. You just feel that your family is safe in our boats, as will they, and as you spend time aboard, you learn why.

Unlike an increasing number of boats today, their design is not driven by fad-driven styling, by what looks chic and cool, but by how much joy and deep satisfaction they still give you five or ten years after you take ownership. Rest assured our boats will never look dated. Their classic-yet-contemporary lines and agreeable proportions give our boats a timeless beauty, so you’ll look just as proudly and fondly on her ten years from now as the day you bought her. And so will your close friends, kids, and grandkids.

How we build our boats

We build our boats to resonate with very experienced people who have been boating for years and have owned boats of all descriptions.

Walking down the dock, seasoned mariners will start to pick out the details that other boats are lacking, that they wish they’d had in their previous vessels. Once onboard and up close, more comes into focus; one’s appreciation grows. But just wait until you’ve cast off and are underway, and especially once out past the jetties and in a respectable seaway. The delight starts to germinate, the recognition of what makes our boats special crystalizes. The devil may be in the details, but on our boats, so are the angels.

A rendering of the SSB 29 LIMITLESS CRUISER

Sorensen SeaBoats Mission Statement

So, here’s our mission, what we think about all the time, what keeps us up at night:

Our Mission
To delight and provide our customers with the means, opportunity, and desire to spend more time on the water, inshore or on the open ocean, each season, in greater comfort and safety. To transform and inspire SSB owners to expand their horizons and reach more distant destinations – as a metaphor for life.

The Open-Ocean as A Playground

Our boats are specifically designed to allow an exploration of all of life’s lessons and challenges the ocean has to offer. All the while testing our own judgment, restraint, maturity, boldness, character, courage and adventuresome spirit.

We hope you grow to see our boats as tools to get to know yourself better, to experience life with family and friends on a deeper, more satisfying level. With SSB, you are encouraged and able to push yourself more than ever before, live life large, and take on new challenges. Our purpose is to give you the means, in a smaller package, to go places and do things offshore that are simply not possible in other boats. With outsized capability for their size, with an annual trailering permit, you can even tow our 27 or 29 behind a heavy-duty pickup, opening new cruising and fishing frontiers for a weekend or vacation out on the water.

Imagine telling your co-workers on Monday morning you fished the Nantucket shoals at daybreak on Saturday and Stellwagen Bank off Provincetown on Sunday morning, and then took the family for a sunset cruise out of Plymouth on Sunday. Or insert your favorite stomping grounds anywhere from Maine to the Keys, the Great Lakes, or the West Coast. Our boats give you the means, in a smaller package, to go places and do things offshore that are simply not feasible in other boats.

Why SSB?

Besides the hull design that we discuss in detail in the Our Boats section of our website, many boats have shortcomings on the inside.

Many other boat brands have helm stations that are poorly laid out, with controls out of easy reach, and displays blocked from view. Seen from the wheel, much of the horizon is blocked from view by clunky window frames, dish cabinets and curtains, so situational awareness – and your crew’s safety- suffers. Topside, bow railings are too low or nonexistent, and hand holds are in short supply, making the bow a no-man’s land offshore.

Formed by Function

An SSB, on the other hand, takes a much different approach to design and functionality.

She’s obviously a beauty (we think so, anyway), but our little secret is that function gets priority. High freeboard keeps the ocean out of the boat. Big scuppers and a high deck make her more seaworthy. So does her speed capability offshore, since you’ll be back at the dock early while the wind’s picking up. Side and transom doors provide safe water and dock access. Her softer ride is easier on your back. The cabin is bathed in sunlight and will refresh you with a sea breeze. Wide, flat side decks and high railings make the bow welcoming at sea. We even offer a tuna pulpit to increase the deck length so, for example, more people can cast for breaking fish at the same time. And the view from the bow just can’t be beat. It’s a thing of joy to watch the world go by, and to see the bottom with such clarity from the bow of the boat within the safety of our tall, strong, double bowrailings.

She’s great for fishing and cruising, even overnighting with her 6’ 6”, unusually comfortable mattress and enclosed head. And with a heavy-duty pickup and a towing permit, each weekend, distant cruising waters will beckon.

Worthy of the Sea

A boat is not worth considering unless its seaworthiness is adequate to its mission.

Your boat should treat you gently, be seakindly. Upwind, our Ray Hunt hull’s sharp bow slices through the waves, allowing higher speeds. Downsea, the boat heads where you point it -naturally – the hull does the work for you. It’s dry as a bone on most any heading. Whether in a ten-foot ground swell or a two-foot wind chop, the world’s your oyster. And a boat designed to be at home 50 miles offshore is obviously the place to be in a bay or sound. You don’t have to be Magellan to appreciate our boats, but we’re sure he would have been captivated.

Our hulls have closed bows and generous freeboard, so they resist boarding seas for greater seaworthiness, keeping the ocean out of the boat. Our boats have higher cockpit deck elevation for greater reserve buoyancy, so you can carry more weight without putting the scupper underwater, and to help keep the deck safely – and comfortably- dry even with a crowd of anglers standing aft. Decks pitch well aft, and the scuppers are much larger than usual, so the deck drains quickly and completely, another key seaworthiness component. The list goes on, but that’s also the list we used when designing Sorensen SeaBoats. We aim for the highest possible CE rating, which is the industry’s definitive measure of seaworthiness, for all our boats.

So Accomodating

A rendering of the SSB 29 interior options

So Accommodating

We don’t stop at the hull form, seaworthiness or helm design. Creature comforts get equal attention.

For instance, we determined early on that our cabins would feel more like a solarium than a cave. So, our boats have comfortable, airy cabins with tons of sunlight beaming broadly in through overhead and side windows, while a fresh sea breeze wafts in through an oversize (24 inches – measure it!) opening hatch overhead. The v-berth is long enough for a six-footer and friend to take a nap or even spend the night. The head can be fully enclosed with an electric toilet, and sinks with hot and cold running water in both the head and galley. Our cabins are tastefully decorated, offer lots of storage space, and we think you’ll leave happier than you entered.

Personalized to Perfection

From seating to propulsion, you can personalize your SSB just the way you want it. Ample cruiser seating outboard power for exhilarating speed and a huge cockpit, or diesel sterndrive or inboard
power for extended range, 270 degree fishability close aboard, and a full-beam swim platform.

Also available as the SSB 27 Sterndrive or Inboard (above). Luxury seating options will delight your guests. with custom upholstery (and complementary hull colors), dual-density-foam and lumbar support will pamper guests. Or choose an open fishing layout with all the latest gear to bring home a bluef in tuna. Or mix and match fish and cruise features. There’s outboard power for exhilarating speed and a huge cockpit, or diesel sterndrive or inboard power for extended range, 270 degree fishability close aboard, and a full-beam swim platform

We offer a choice of color-coordinated upholstery fabrics that go with the two-tone decks and hull colors. We also look forward to offering you the services of our interior designer in personalizing your SSB to make it truly yours. We offer a wide range of optional features, from electronics and bowrails to lounge seating, hardtops and outriggers, so you can outfit your SSB to suit you perfectly, and make it turn-key ready for you to take delivery.


Also uniquely, we offer twin outboards as well as diesel sterndrive and V-drive inboard power. Outboards are the most popular propulsion package for some very good reasons. They offer a very high top-end speed, a huge open cockpit, great maneuverability, and propulsion redundancy.

No one we know of looks back at the outboards when well out of sight of land and wishes they didn’t have one of those engines. Outboards are super easy to service and offer added storage below the cockpit. Boaters are also very familiar with them, and most people know how to drive a boat with outboards.

Diesel propulsion, on the other hand, should not be neglected as it will suit very well more than a few owners. Diesels have long known for their efficiency, reliability and durability. Diesel DuoProp sterndrives with their counter-rotating propellers especially give you tremendous range on a tank of fuel. Inboards also give you a clear transom to fish from, like a convertible. We even offer quasi mezzanine seating so you can watch the fishing or watersports action when seated comfortably facing aft on the engine box. The diesel is down low, in the bilge, so stability is enhanced. Diesel power provides cruising speeds up to the 30-knot range, and they are very quiet at cruise. Like twin outboards, a DuoProp sterndrive will back downwind- essential when working a fish- and offers excellent dockside maneuverability when paired with an available bow thruster and joystick control.

We offer you a propulsion choice to suit your needs and wants.

If you fish far offshore, want a clear transom to fish around the stern, and want bragging rights to a serious diesel-powered machine, the choice seems clear. If you want to show off blistering speed, don’t need so much range and just like having two engines on the transom, the choice is equally clear. We’ll be delighted to build your boat either way. See our Build Your Boat configurator for the full list of options for cruising, fishing, or a combination to create your own uniquely personalized Sorensen SeaBoat.

Please call or drop us a line to learn more. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to show you at the dock and out on the water why a Sorensen SeaBoat may be the clear choice for you and your family.

Boat Show Schedule

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Newport International Boat Show - Sept. 14-17

Annapolis Powerboat Show - Oct. 5-8

Palm Beach Boat Show - March 2024